Fancy An Extra $5,800

When considering what breed of sire you would like purchase, please consider that a Uranongo blonde bull can increase the dressing percentage of your calves by 5% and that by anyone's standards is easy money.

blonde cattle

10 month old Blonde/Murray Grey Vealer Steers

We have gathered weights, measurements and prices to show how we have come to make this claim. We'll start with some Perth Royal Show results.

A pure British bred calf won the Royal Show Champion Extra Heavyweight on the Hoof but over the hook his dressing percentage was 54% and had a fat score of 15mm which left it in last place. While a Blonde cross steer, that was unplaced on the hoof, won the Royal Show Champion Extra Heavy Weight on the Hook with a dressing percentage of 67% and fat score of 6mm, well within specifications.  

Perth Royal Show 2012.

  • The British breed show calf had a dressing percentage of 54% and 15mm in fat cover.
  • The Blonde cross show calf had a dressing percentage of 67% and 6mm in fat cover. Our average commercial calf dresses out at an average of 59% with an average of 8.5mm of fat cover. We'll use the dressing percentage of 59% in the example below.


  • We'll work on having two calves, one straight British and the other Blonde cross, both weighing 390kg live weight, off their dams.


  • At 54%, the British calf's carcase weight is 210.6kg.
  • At 59%, the Blonde cross calf's carcase weight is 230.1kg. Thats an extra 19.5kg.


  • That 19.5kg at $5.95 per kg comes to an extra $116 per calf. (Prices in W.A. as per November, 2016)

blonde cattle

Pure bred Blonde sire - Uranongo Lochern.

Over 50 calves - an extra $5,800 goes to the farmer for doing nothing but changing the sire. In W.A. you pay less for a quality Blonde sire!!

A feedlot turning over 10,000 head per annum turns that $116, extra cream, per calf into $1,160,000 simply by feeding Blonde cross cattle instead of straight British cattle.

Please remember that these figures are based on the 5% difference in dressing percentage between a British bred show calf and a halfbred Blonde commercial calf. Our commercial blonde/murray grey calves have dressed out up to 62% and 3/4 to pure blonde calf will dress out even higher. 

For further reasons why a Uranongo blonde bull can improve your dressing percentage over the hook please click    Why Blondes?

3/4 Blonde/Murray Grey calf

7 month old 3/4 Blonde/Murray Grey calf.